Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Funny this thing they call who should we believe?

“Catalyzing a bloody encounter”, “gang assault’, “acted like savages”;  (Candiotti, Watkins,  & Botelho, 10/2013) anyone who watches or listens to national news is fully aware of the assault a group of bikers created against a family of three. This story has become headline news for over a week, breaking news coverage’s across the nation has produced and investigated the story bringing to light story after story, which all seem to have a few things not in common. News organizations such as CNN, FOX, NBC, and ABC have given this story top priority, giving the viewers all of the facts, all while creating some un-parallels.

A family of three, husband, wife and two-year-old, were driving down the freeway in an SUV. An extremely large group of street bikers surrounded the SUV forcing the SUV to stop. Fearing for their lives, the family of three immediately took off, striking three bikers with the SUV. Eventually coming to another stop because of traffic conditions, the SUV was surrounded by the group once again, while one particular biker attempted to open the door of the SUV. Immediately taking off again, the SUV tried to get away, but to no avail, the driver of the SUV was pulled out of the vehicle and beaten. There has been major controversy as to who is to blame.  (Candiotti, Watkins,  & Botelho, 10/2013)

News organization: CNN was the only media coverage to give as much information about the story as possible. CNN gave full facts, allowed quotes from the bikers, family of the bikers, and the family of three involved in the attack. Reading CNN’s article, there was no visual bias, and CNN did not allow any fingers to be pointed. One unique fact CNN had delivered, was the investigation now derived about one undercover cop who was a part of the bikers, and visualized the attack without intervening. This undercover cop had not wanted to “blow his cover”.  (Candiotti, Watkins,  & Botelho, 10/2013)

News organization: Fox News was extremely bias while covering the story of Bikers vs. SUV. Using phrases such as: “Catalyzing a bloody encounter”, naming the assault as a “gang assault” and blaming the first motorcyclist by stating he “set into motion a chain of catastrophic events”. Fox news also “threw under the bus” a few of the bikers by explaining most were unemployed and are working as “food workers”.  (, 10/2013) It’s crystal clear which side of the playing field lays Fox News. Fox News is quick to point fingers to the bikers, and putting the bystander who intervened on a pedestal, hailing him a “hero”. The difference in Fox News’ investigation is that they were quick to say there were no undercover cops involved in the attack, or even witnessed such attack.  (, 10/2013)

News organization: NBC immediately investigated the possibility that there were not just one, but six undercover cops involved or who had witnessed this attack without lending hand, or intervening. NBC seems to have just a “juicy story” but is without sources and facts. NBC failed to release any quotes or witness statements. The journalist who covered this story, produced a witness that stated a “biker went for the wife” (, 10/2013); although all other coverage’s explained the wife and toddler were not touched or harmed in any way.  (, 10/2013)

News organization ABC News, gave very little information, but created a story much like NBC. ABC News explained there were two undercover cops, one an undercover narcotics cop. This news coverage also stated there were 3 other undercover cops nearby who could have intervened. ABC News produced existing police records of some of the bikers, stating they have prior criminal convictions. Similar to NBC, there was one witness statement that a biker did indeed come after the wife. There are no other facts, statements or information given.  (Shaw, 10/2013)

It is clear, that in the information given by all News Organizations: CNN, FOX News, NBC News, and ABC News, could be completely different and inaccurate. The investigative reporters did however produce the main facts precisely, due to the fact there was clear evidence of the entire attack given from a YouTube Video.  (Candiotti, Watkins,  & Botelho, 10/2013) Every encounter not seen from the YouTube video, tends to be different and inaccurate, for example every news organization besides CNN gave a different account of the undercover cops who were or were not involved. CNN did not give account of any undercover cops, maybe due to the lack of information provided. All of the names News Organization provided a story for the viewers, recounting the attack upon a family of three; however, every News Organization gave a completely different statement, some becoming bias on the attack, and some with hardly any information.

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Love Thy Husband

So I decided to take my contacts off & switch to my glasses, to write this blog. That's when you know - I mean business. 

In 10 days, it will be my wedding anniversary, and I hate - and cringe- and shiver to say this, but it was a horrible horrible day. I wish it could have gone any other way, then it did.

Let's start by saying I was 4 weeks from giving birth to my second child. Grumpy, hungry, moody, large. Not cool. Since you are thinking of it, yes, we had kids first, got married later. Nuff Said.

We eloped. I was too large to fit into a wedding dress, to tired to plan a wedding, to guilty to get married later. 

We said "I do" under a plastic, dusty, wannabe Vine decor, while our two year old pushed us apart, crying for us to stop holding hands. 

Festivities after was included in lots of champagne for everyone BUT the bride- fantastic. 

Shortly after recieved a call my dog had just been hit & killed by a car. 
My Husband was wrestling my brother in law in the middle of the hotel room hallway.
My best friends went to a strip club, without me. 

&& then I went to bed, uncontrollably sobbing, and wanting it all to end. 

I told myself one day, I will make up for that terrible terrible day. I miss my puppy, and thank heavens I am no longer that large, and kiss my two babies every day. But I still wish, October 15th, meant a little more, and was a little more special - than it feels right now ;)

Good Night Ya'll

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Too much weight of WATER!

So...I've been ingesting too much sodium apparently, because I've gained 2 lbs in 2 days WHICH the scale is going the WRONG way! You can imagine how I feel, when I bust my ass at the gym to see 2 lbs heavier! Not ok! However I had pizza last night, and to my acknowledgement it's not, the one day a week I splurge on food I wish I could always eat, but how much sodium that dreamy food contains. 

If you feel the same heaviness as I do: I tend to use this cleanse from time to time:

Sometimes I don't always carry these ingrediants on hand, but I ALWAYS KEEP  Dandelion Root Tea in my cubbard. It has so many uses that it should be a #1 on your grocery list! 

Some important uses for Dandelion Root Tea:


Thursday, September 12, 2013

I am having a moment!

There tends to be those days, the days you cant wait to end, the days you wish never were, or the days that feel like a nightmare. The day where one more glass of wine before you tuck yourself in, wont hurt. The day where you turn your phone off, you lock your front door and you hide. The thought of thinking is too much.

What helps alleviate the burden on those days? Sleep? Alone time? Quiet time? Darn, none of those exist in my household!

There are days I feel closer to God, and days I cant see through the fog, days I questions my faith, and days I KNOW I am faithful. There are days I am confident and strong, and days I have never felt more weak. I tend to feel accomplished, but it can all be wiped away with a wrong turn, a disadvantage.

Reminding myself the advantages of today; my babies are alive and well, happy and humble. I still have 10 fingers and 10 toes, my dishes are clean. My fourth base friends are stronger than ever, and give me a much broader view of the tunnel vision I have had. Being reminded that God does have a plan. My Greek Meatballs are AWESOME!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

DIY Mommy n Me Spa Day

Sometimes you need a little  ↠ⓢⓟ∀ ⓓⓐʎ↞ at home to spark your mid week blues! Grab your little and use these neat techniques::

DIY Foot Soak

You will need: 
Hydrogen Peroxide
Baking Soda
Lavender Oil

Let soak, and scrub your toes!

Mini & Me Face Masks!
Use any: Your mini will just be happy she gets to do it!

Hair Masks:

Chloe had green stringy hair from the Pool.

What you'll need:
Baking Soda
Dish Soap

Make a paste, lather hair and let stand for 20 minutes.

Mommy needed a little Coconut Oil on the tips of my bleached hair! You can leave on overnight, or for a little while, leave on wet or dry! I just left it for 30 minutes and then washed out!

After  ⓟ∀∣∏ⓣⓔⓓ nails↞ 
It was a hot lavender shower to wash it all off!!


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Traveling with Toddlers is NOT for the weak at Heart!

This blog starts with the drive to help all moms and dads out there who are about to embark on the last vacation of the summer. My husband and I are a little ridiculous. I cant tell you how many times we have had people ask us? How do you do it? How do you travel so much with children?

My mind goes a little dizzy, and flashbacks of nursing children to shut up, or switching out DVD's to keep them sane, or thousands of snacks we stuff them in hopes they fall asleep, or playing endless games of I Spy, frustrated Daddy, and tired Mommy.....I shake my head of those visions and instead we shrug and say...We just do it.

If we didn't travel, I feel like we would be missing out on things we should be seeing, or experiencing. We both come from families, that didn't pawn the children off so they could site-see, they TOOK the kids with them! My husband and I always traveled as children, and now find it second nature to travel with ours.

My first born has traveled to more states then I probably did.

We first flew Chloe to Washington State when she was a year old. Thankfully she was still young enough she didn't want to run up and down the isles of the plane.

Some things you MUST remember when flying with children:

Your airline WILL check a car seat for each child for FREE!
You CAN take a stroller (preferably an umbrella stroller) through security and onto the plane, where they will then stow it where luggage goes. Thankfully as you come off the plane, there awaits your stroller.
You CANNOT take liquids through security but you can pack TONS of snacks for the kiddos. Once passed through security, wait ++++++++ get your toddler a sprite on the plane FOR FREE!

Then you say...wait, I don't give my kids sprite. Well you will now, Sprite is Caffeine free, plus it has the most bubbles, when you drink sprite (ice free!) through a straw it will equalize your child's ears!!! And they have been SO GOOD up till this point, they think they are getting a treat~!

Chew gum
If baby: suck on bottle or pacifier
Bring inflatable balloons for each kid (tell them to blow while plane takes off!)
Drink sprite through a straw

Must remember continued:
If your child is under 2 they can be considered a lap child, and you will not have to buy them a ticket
however...mine are not anymore (grrrr)

In January we flew 6.5 hours to Maui with both kids. I have never been so terrified in my life!!! Ok yes about flying, but flying 6.5 hours with TODDLERS???? Who would ever put themselves in such a situation? Well, we do.

What you should pack for your kids:
Each toddler gets their own seat, which means don't have them sharing ANYTHING! They each get a backpack and a lunch box. Pack plenty of snack, but only pull a few out at a time...this is not a sit down lunch kinda deal!! Keep these kids occupied!
They each had a small blanket and pillow, because yes they eventually do fall asleep.
They each got 2 reading books, and 1 coloring book, a sandwich baggy with a few crayons (try to match their bags!)
My son got a few action figures and a few cars.
My daughter got her leap frog.
We took our time with each thing a drew it out as long as possible with activities and stories. In between each "ok mom I'm bored on to the next", we would do potty break.
Yes, get your kids up and walk them to the back of the plane, stretch their little legs, and make it an ADVENTURE! Which wont be hard, because those airplane bathrooms are quite noisy!

Extra set of clothes if your potty training! (whoops)
Extra diapers & Wipes!!! (you will need lots of wipes)

Most planes up and down the west coast have 3 seats on one side of the isle, and 2-3 on the other side so Daddy always had his own seat. Fair? Yes I think so, because at a burnout period, I can send one over to him when they need a little comfort or change of scenery. Also because Mommies have more patients and understanding, and I feel its better to have a stressed out Mommy then an angry Daddy!

In between each story or playtime, pull out 1 or 2 snacks, and have a drink. No not the kids, YOU MOMMY AND DADDY! Have one or two! Relax! Don't stress, if your kid cries, your kid cries. Everyone can know what I mean.

Eventually your kid may fall asleep, and in the most uncomfortable position. Luckily the arm rests come up and you can pull them to the side. This is where those blankets and little pillows come in to play!

Let your littles experience the whole thing, let them be independent with their own little luggage - they may walk slow, but this whole flying bit is an experience in its own!

Driving with your Littles!

We have driven with the kids up to about  10 hours and everything below. This is a tough one, almost worse then flying!! Our first born even hated her car seat and would literally scream for hours without exhausting herself. There would be many pull over points just to feed her and pray for her to fall asleep, to give us just a few more hours of driving time. Having two kids, the screams and cry's got so bad, we made it a point to NEVER EVER EVER drive during the day again. Come bedtime, we throw the kids in the car, grab a few energy drinks, and hit the road. Arriving to your destination at 2 am was HARD! Too many yawns and slaps on the arm to keep the other awake! was peaceful...oh so....peaceful.

There would be times when driving at night, was just not a possibility, and packing things for the kids was extremely important. Refer to above on what to pack for your kids while traveling. Many activities and small toys, and plenty of snacks!!

Take a few potty breaks, let them stretch their legs, and its extremely important to have a comfy car seat, try putting a piece of cloth on plastic and see how long you can sit there. Not easy huh?

We THANKFULLY invested in a TWO screen DVD player for the back of our headrests. THE BEST INVESTMENT WE'VE EVER MADE. Why I ask myself did It take so long to figure this gem out? Trial and error I guess. This is one thing (on top of toys and snacks) that helps keep the kids at bay. Judge me? More power to you if you have two kids that scream and whine and cry, and you think you can handle that on a 6 hour drive. I dare you. Its not easy.

Eventually the time will pass, and you will reach your destination. The few hours of stressful travel time is not enough to ruin a good vacation, and its not worth stressing over like I did. Dig deep into your inner preschool teacher self, and make it an adventure. Have bribery, and reward, and have a drink. Talk to your kids well in advance that this is the type of traveling you will be doing, let them interpret what your saying, let their imaginations grow!

This blog post is in dedication to our very short 2.5 hour flight to Washington my little family of four will be taking on Thursday.

I'm bravely not checking any luggage, each child will have a packed backpack and a carry on roll-away. I will also pack ourselves a backpack and carry-on...gotta cut the costs when your buying that many plane tickets!! I can do this! 2.5 hours is nothing now!!

Good Luck to all on your last MONTH OF SUMMER! Bon Voyage!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Washing Fruit and Vegetables with Vinegar

Some people swear by vinegar, I know I do!

Use one part vinegar to three parts water. This is great for removing bacteria, and may help break down wax, too. The editors of Cooks Illustrated magazine tested this theory by using four different methods to clean pears and apples: a vinegar and water solution (3:1, water:vinegar), antibacterial liquid soap, scrubbing with a stiff brush, and just using plain water.

Not only did the vinegar mixture work the best, it was far, far better when measured for bacteria -- it removed 98% of bacteria, compared to just under 85% for scrubbing. The quickest way to do this at home is to keep a bottle of vinegar with a spray-top -- just spray the fruit or vegetables with vinegar, then rinse under a tap. If you've got longer to spare, leave fruit or vegetables soaking for 10--20 minutes in a vinegar/water solution, then rinse....and VIOLA!